Ava is currently taking commissions for embroidered portraits. 

Ava Roth is a Toronto-based artist with experience in a wide range of media, including painting, embroidery, wax-carved and cast jewelry and textiles.  Roth also has extensive experience sculpting and painting unique hand-crafted cakes. For the past few years she had worked predominantly in encaustic (wax, oil and resin.)

 All of Ava Roth’s art, regardless of the medium, is connected by a single endeavor: to use traditionally female, and often impermanent, materials in new and unconventional ways. Roth has been motivated by a connection to and conversation with other women across different times and cultures. 

 Ava Roth’s work has been featured in many on-line and print magazines, including Design Sponge, Wedding Bells and Cake Central. Her pieces have been acquired by numerous private collectors. Roth has shown in Toronto at the C1 Gallery, AWOL, and Loop Gallery, where she is currently a member.  

For more of Ava Roth's work, visit her page at www.avaroth.ca