Where we Donate

We are currently supporting the following organizations that are fighting for human rights and environmental protection:

Earth Justice: to enforce environmental protection regulations

ACLU: to support the defense of individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the US constitution

The Trevor Project: to protect and support young LGBT people in crisis

 Planned Parenthood: to provide reproductive health care and education to all


How Much to Donate?

All amounts are suggestions based on the time it takes to create original, thoughtful art. However, they are merely suggestions. Participating artists may suggest amounts larger than those below based on the value of their work in the art world. Please ask if you have any questions about the prices and consult the suggestions below for a starting point.


$100 Small Painting (8"x8")

$200 Medium Painting (11"x14")

$400 Large Painting (18"x24")


$15 Postcard Size Sketch

$75 Small Drawing (8"x8")

$150 Medium Drawing (11"x14")

$350 Large Drawing (18"x24")


The bottom line? Please pay as you can. No judgement. Only love.